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Memorial Day, Sales & Specials

Celebrate this Memorial Day with these Four 500 Gram Aerial Repeaters for only $100.

Stop by Intergalactic Fireworks from now until Memorial Day for our yearly “four for $100” 500G multi shot repeater special. This year we have heavy hitters from Dominator and Mad Ox. Look below to check them out!                   Grape Blitz 7 shots of vibrant grape purple stars with silver […]

Firework Shows

Boom! Pow! Whizzz! A Sparkling Joy and Tradition for Celebrations

Who doesn’t love fireworks? Ever since we were kids, celebrations made us happy and delighted while looking up the night sky, discovering the fun and magic of the shower of sparks. We’ve felt the excitement of throwing snapper for pranks or during birthday parties. Be it a birthday party, wedding, New Year’s Eve fireworks are […]


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