Ocean County

Celebrating with Fireworks in Ocean County, NJ

Fireworks can make any event more exciting. When you are planning a special event that you want to make even more memorable, you can count on Intergalactic Fireworks to help you with your need for fireworks in Ocean County, NJ.

Whether you are planning a large-scale holiday celebration such as Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day or New Year’s Eve or you just need enough pyrotechnics for a smaller scale event such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary, you can count on our team to help you choose the right products for your event.

Always Plan Ahead

Check with your local government entities about any ordinances pertaining to fireworks. You want to adhere to the laws when using them at an event. Some areas may require permits or you may have to hire professionally trained pyrotechnic experts to be in charge of the fireworks display. A specified amount of liability insurance may also be required to ensure you are in compliance with the law.

Select your products and order them far in enough in advance so you can be ready for the big day and not feel stressed. For wedding sparklers in Ocean County, cake sparklers, Roman candles or rockets, you can make your selection from our online fireworks store.

We offer a great selection of premium grade products in all the most popular colors, so you can count on your event being exactly as you envisioned. Pre-planning also helps you make sure you are handling your fireworks display with safety of your guests being given ample consideration.

Ask Questions and Get Information

Don’t be hesitant about asking questions and getting information about any of our products. When it comes to Ocean County, NJ fireworks, Intergalactic Fireworks is the company that people has come to know and trust. Contact us today regarding your fireworks needs.

Call 215-752-5600(In PA) / 732-965-8556(In NJ) or click the button below to place your Wholesale fireworks order today. Our expert staff will be happy to assist you.