Somerset County

Somerset County, NJ Fireworks End the Party with a Bang!

There is no shortage of fireworks in Somerset County, NJ. You can go watch bright pyrotechnic displays for Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day and New Year’s Day at many locations throughout the county. There are also smaller scale presentations after ball games or festivals.

Everyone loves a great show, and there are no shortages of them throughout New Jersey. When it comes to Central Jersey fireworks, you can find them throughout Somerset County where there is an annual display set each Independence Day in Bridgewater Township at the home of Somerset County Park.

Personalize Your Event!

You can always add some fireworks in the mix for your personal event. You may want colored sparklers and novelties for birthday parties, cake sparklers for celebratory events such as birthdays or anniversaries, Roman candles and bottle rockets for holiday celebrations and of course wedding sparklers for the big day!

Intergalactic Fireworks has helped plan numerous events throughout the area and incorporate our premium grade fireworks into the festivities. You can select your products from our online fireworks store and get fast ground delivery services. We also have a physical store location in Langhorne, PA.

Make Your Event Stand Out!

When you want to make your event even more memorable, add some fireworks into the mix. We offer the best pricing and the best variety that you can find anywhere. We only offer first quality products made from premium materials that stringently adhere to the strictest safety standards.

When it comes to Somerset County wedding sparklers or fireworks displays in Somerset County, NJ, you can count on our experienced fireworks professionals at Intergalactic Fireworks to help you through the process from product selection to placing orders for the right quantities.

Call Intergalactic Fireworks to learn more about how we can help you with fireworks in Somerset County, NJ. We want your event to give you the bang you have been dreaming about!


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