New York

Fireworks for Sale in New York

Intergalactic Fireworks offers a great selection of fireworks for sale online in New York. Having rounded up the best selection of fireworks that can be found anywhere in New York, we are pleased to offer high quality products suited for all occasions.

When using fireworks in New York it is imperative that you adhere to the state fireworks laws. The majority of our products can be used with permits only, except for novelties. Novelties are legally allowed and no permits are required.

Great NY Fireworks Displays

When we say we offer a great array of fireworks, we mean it. New York is known as the city that never sleeps, so it should be of no surprise that there are plenty of fireworks displays throughout New York. There are plenty of opportunities for magnificent Fourth of July exhibitions throughout New York City.

Some popular attractions throughout the city include Macy’s 4th of July Extravaganza which involves a bright display over the Hudson River. More than 40,000 firework bursts are included in the show. Oswego, NY hosts a great fireworks show in mid-July offering choreographed music.

During the cold of winter Niagara Falls hosts a festival of lights where pyrotechnics are fired off in a display over the majestic waterfall that brings in visitors from around the world. The New Year comes in with a big bang as firework displays can be found all around the state.

A Great Selection of Fireworks for NY Festivities

Fireworks are controlled in New York, so to purchase them you have to order online or travel across the state line. If you want to buy fireworks for your wedding, birthday, anniversary, reunion or holiday celebration, you need to plan ahead. When it comes to fireworks in New York, we have the best selection available for your celebrations needs.


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