Fireworks in Bronx, NY, for Special Occasions

Fireworks displays are held throughout New York City and the Bronx is no exception. Orchard Beach is one area of the Bronx that hosts an annual Fourth of July fireworks display. With festivals, baseball games and celebrations, there are all kinds of fireworks displays throughout the area.

If you are planning a professional large-scale fireworks display, you can depend on Intergalactic Fireworks to have the premium grade products you need to make a bang during your event. Whether you want missiles, comets or big rockets, or traditional Roman candles and sparklers, everything you need is waiting in our store and can even be ordered online.

Fireworks for Smaller Scale Events

If you are needing fireworks or novelties for a smaller, more intimate event, we can help you with that as well. We offer beautiful wedding sparklers, bamboo sparklers, colored sparklers, Roman candles and a variety of popular novelties.

Before planning a fireworks display at your upcoming event, you should check with the local government to see if a permit is required. If so, you usually have to apply for a permit and pay the fee about a week prior to the planned event.

You should also place your online fireworks order far enough in advance so you can check your products and make plans for using them on the special day. Make sure you understand the safety recommendations so you can ensure they are used safely and none of those attending your event are placed in danger unnecessarily.

First-Rate Results

When you order fireworks from Intergalactic Fireworks, you can rest assured that you will get first-quality pyrotechnics made of the best materials in the industry. You can also rely on us for reasonable pricing and superior customer service. We are the first choice when you are planning fireworks in Bronx, NY.


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