Long Island

Long Island Fireworks Displays

Regardless of the kinds of activities that you enjoy, there are plenty of things to keep you busy in Long Island. Offering everything from arts and crafts, music, family fun or fireworks displays, you will find plenty to keep you occupied.

Nothing is as exciting as fireworks. There is nothing comparable to the excitement with the sights and sounds that accompany a bright and colorful display of fireworks over Long Island. You can see fireworks at the baseball game or for an Independence Day celebration.

You can see them after Long Island Ducks home games. Festivals such as the St. Rocco Festival, Independence Salute, Peconic Bay Medical Center Family Festival and Fr. Thomas Judge K of C and St. Anthony’s Family Festival all have great fireworks displays.

Buying Fireworks in Long Island

If you want to purchase fireworks, you will have to travel outside New York or purchase them from an online store. Fireworks are not available for purchase in New York, but you can use them if you get the proper permit.

We offer a great selection of fireworks, ranging from Roman candles and bottle rockets to firecrackers and sparklers. Offering high-quality fireworks, we sell retail products to consumers but also offer wholesale products in bulk quantities to professional event organizers and planners.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a wedding or a birthday party or organizing a big fireworks display for a festival we have the products that you need. We offer a great selection of Long Island fireworks so you can make your event even more memorable.

Your Long Island Fireworks Source

Here at Intergalactic Fireworks, we are pleased to be the first choice for Long Island fireworks. You can visit our online store to see our full selection of products so you can rest assured that you will be getting the products that you need for your event.


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