Nassau County

Nassau County, NY, Fireworks

There are plenty of festivities planned throughout Nassau County, NY, during the year and many of those festivities include fireworks. Some of these popular events are held in conjunction the Fourth of July or to ring in the New Year.

When it comes to premium products for professional fireworks displays in Nassau County, we have everything you need for the occasion. When you call on Intergalactic Fireworks, you can rest assured that you will have access to missiles, rockets, Roman candles, sparklers, comets, mines and novelties.

Fireworks for Nassau County Events

If you are planning a wedding, anniversary, birthday, reunion or holiday celebration, you may decide to add some fireworks in the mix for added excitement. Get the party underway with some great novelties or bright missiles to light up the night sky.

While there was a fireworks ban in New York that made the sale and purchase of fireworks in the state illegal for quite some time, small fireworks are now legal in the state as long as the local government, in this case the county, has opted in. Even when the county has opted in, a display permit and minimal liability insurance may be required.

When you need quality fireworks for your event, you can trust Intergalactic Fireworks. You can buy your products online and we will ship them directly to your location. Before using fireworks, you may want to check to see if a permit is required so you can use them at your event.

We have beautiful gold and silver wedding sparklers and colored sparklers such as red, green, yellow and purple. Other products include our novelties, which include the disco flasher, black snakes and dominator tanks.

Order your Nassau County fireworks far enough in advance of your event so you will be prepared when the day comes. With the proper planning, you can have a great display that will impress your guests.


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