Queens, NY, Fireworks

Queens, NY, is a great place to enjoy magnificent fireworks shows. There are several held throughout the year, particularly around Fourth of July when the nation’s independence is celebrated. Here at Intergalactic Fireworks, we offer a great selection of fireworks and novelties that are suited for all kinds of events, including professional fireworks displays.

You can easily cross the state line to Pennsylvania to purchase pyrotechnics from our store in Langhorne, or you can order them from our online store for fast ground delivery. We are the first choice for Queens fireworks needs. Offering fast delivery, quality products and top notch customer service, we are a first choice for New York fireworks needs.

Plan Your Queens Fireworks Display

If you are planning a Queens fireworks display, you should plan ahead. Check to see if a display permit is required. If so, you should make sure you apply for the permit at least 5 days before the planned exhibition. Also, check to see if you are limited on the kinds of fireworks that you can use during your display.

Popular products include our magnificent wedding sparklers, which are usually preferred in gold or silver. We also offer brightly colored sparklers that are popular for holiday celebrations and birthday parties. Other choices include missiles, Roman candles, aerial tubes, comets, mines, aerial spinners, aerial repeaters and more.

Smaller fireworks, also known as novelties, include assorted snakes, smoke bombs, disco flashers, dominator strobe flash pots and dominator tanks. These are great for parties and other special events.

The Fireworks Retailer That Stands Out

At Intergalactic Fireworks, we are the fireworks store that stands out offering retail and wholesale pricing. We offer excellent customer service, quality products and fast shipping. When you are in need of fireworks in Queens, NY, the first choice for your needs should be Intergalactic Fireworks.


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