Staten Island

Staten Island, NY, Fireworks

There are several fireworks displays throughout the year in Staten Island. When it comes to Staten Island fireworks, we have several options available. If you are looking for the traditional bottle rockets, Roman candles, or missiles, we have a great selection to meet your needs.

We also have sparklers and novelties that are perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and holiday celebrations. You need to check with your local offices to see if you need to have a fireworks display permit and a minimal amount of liability insurance before shooting fireworks on Staten Island.

Professional Fireworks in Staten Island

We also offer fireworks that are suited for professional fireworks displays. These include missiles, Roman candles, artillery shells, aerial tubes, comets and mines and much more. We offer a great selection of products that are suited for all kinds of events ranging from weddings to festivals.

If you want to make your event even more exciting or turn your celebration into a real party, you can rely on Intergalactic Fireworks to have the pyrotechnics that you need to make your special occasion much more memorable. Your guests will talk about it for years to come.

Planning Your Event

When you are planning on using fireworks at an event in Staten Island, you should check in advance to make sure you have everything in order. You may be required to post a bond or proof of liability insurance and apply for an exhibition permit.

Because fireworks were illegal in New York for some time, only some towns have recently approved small fireworks. Therefore, you will need to travel across the state line to our store in Langhorne, PA or order from our online store.

When it comes to the best selection of high-quality novelties and pyrotechnics, you can depend on us to have what you need in inventory. Contact us for more details.


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