Rockland County

Your Source for Fireworks in Rockland County, NY

Fireworks displays take place throughout New York and Rockland County is no exception. You can see fireworks in Rockland County, NY, at a variety of events held in Nanuet, Pearl River, Nyack, and Pomona. There are plenty of fireworks music festivals held throughout the area for Fourth of July.

These festivals offer plenty of fun and entertainment throughout the day while bringing the evening to a close with a bright display of color lighting up the night sky. Intergalactic Fireworks offers bulk quantities of fireworks at wholesale prices. We can supply professional fireworks displays throughout the country, including New York.

Smaller Scale Firework Displays

If you are planning an event on a smaller scale, such as a wedding or a birthday party, we can accommodate you with quality fireworks as well. We offer sparklers in a variety of colors, quality novelties, rockets of various sizes, comets and missiles and Roman candles.

When it comes to fireworks, we have what you are looking for at the best prices around. We offer convenient ground delivery services throughout the continental United States. You can either order fireworks online or visit our Langhorne, PA, store to make product selections.

Make Arrangements for Your Event

Any time you are planning an event that involves fireworks, you should plan ahead. First, check with your local government to see if a permit is required. If a permit is necessary, apply for it several days in advance and pay any applicable fees.

Order your fireworks far enough in advance so you can make sure you have them organized before the event. Decide how you will be using them during your event, and make sure you have the proper safety protocols in place so the event can be enjoyed by everyone in attendance. Contact us today to learn more about our products or place your online fireworks order.


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