5 Simple Steps to Fireworks Safety
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Top 5 Fireworks Safety Tips for 2015

Safety Tips to follow when using Fireworks this Summer

The weathers finally changing and its finally nice enough to grab the fireworks and BBQ out of The garage! One very important thing to keep in mind during this years festivities is safety. I always like to remind everyone about firework safety and how important it is. Statistically fireworks are very safe as long as you follow the correct safety precautions.1. Always wet the ground where your lighting your show especially if the weathers been really dry and hot. I like to hose the ground at least 30 minutes before the show around the area your going to be shooting. Also keep in mind where debris is landing and wind direction and keep and mental note. Always have a hose and fire extinguisher ready even after you wet the ground, throughout the whole duration of the show.fire extinguisher2. You'd be surprised, but 500 Gram Aerial Repeaters  are more stable then 200 Gram Aerial Repeaters, as in they wont rock as much because they have a stable wooden base unlike some 200G cakes. What I do to really stabilize both 200 and 500 G Cakes is to get a rubber container and fill it about 1/4 of the way with sand and use that as a brace for every multishot repeater or artillery shell. Even in the rare case that it does flip over, each shot will hit the side of the rubbermaid bin and that shoot straight up!rubbermaid bin3. This goes without say but never aim or point fireworks at ANYONE! Doing so can be completely fatal and cause serious injury or death!Danger Skull4. One of the most surprising facts about fireworks safety is that most hospital visits that are cause by fireworks are actually from sparklers! Thats right, out of all the fireworks you could purchase, people end up in the hospital because of sparklers more then anything else. Sparklers reach a temperature up to 2000 degrees. Always stand 6' from anybody else, always wear closed toed shoes when using sparklers, and always have a bucket of water in the area to throw out sparklers when done especially for wedding sparklers with a metal stick!sparkler5. Always use fireworks in a wide open area with nothing above you in the nearby vicinity. Make sure your audience is at least 30' away from you with safe and sane fireworks, and at least 100' back when using aerial products. Also always make sure its on level ground!open fieldSo have a safe a fun summer this year and don't forget to follow these safety precautions while enjoying your fireworks with family and friends this holiday season. Check out some of our other Intergalactic Fireworks other Safety Tips or call (215)752-2600 to ask us about any safety concerns you have!

by Anthony Jr


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